About the Performance Overview

As an admin, manager, or team leader, get full access to a unified view and relevant employee performance reviews processes status.

Where to find the Performance Overview?

  1. On your sidebar, head to Marketplace → Apps
  2. Select Reviews
  3. Click on Install app

Once the app is installed:

  1. On your sidebar click on Performance
  2. Select the Performance Overview

💡 - Admins: Have a full view of the performances of the whole company.

- Managers of managers: Have a view of the participation of their direct and indirect reports in the selected reviews.
- Managers & Team leads: Have a full view of the performance of their direct reports. 


What is the Performance Overview?

The performance overview is a unified view that displays all the progress of the employee's performance review processes in order to simplify the decision-making for admins, managers, and team leaders.

How does the Performance Overview work?

If you have the necessary permissions, you will be able to the see:

  • The participation rate of reviews.
  • The participation reviews of the self-reviews, manager reviews, direct reports peers, and manual selections.
  • The percentage of employees included and not included in the selected reviews.
  • Table with the percentage of participation by team.
  • Send a reminder: it's possible to send reminders to the participants that still didn’t answer the review by pressing the send reminder button.
  • Employees without a review: By pressing this message you’ll be taken to another tab that is going to display the employees with no reviews.

🔥 It’s possible to filter by All active reviews or use the manual selection by pressing on manually select from all reviews.


The Performance metrics

These metrics provide a clear overview of the team's performance, that present a chart that categorizes employees based on their performance review results.

The scores are derived from the Performance score that is set in every performance review.



Using a standardized scale ranging from 1 to 5, where the values represent:

  1. Unsatisfactory
  2. Below expectations
  3. Meets expectations
  4. Exceeds expectations
  5. Outstanding

The chart will include ratings from both the manager and the employee, allowing for a visual comparison of their assessments.






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