About payroll issues

A scalable tool that informs at any moment about the payroll issues that need to be tackled as soon as they happen.

What are payroll issues?

Payroll issues are missing information that interferes in the Payroll cycle.

Some of the most commons problems you can detect are:

  • Missing integration codes (A3nom, Silae, Datev, etc.)
  • Missing/wrong bank account numbers
  • Missing taxonomies


❗️ With this tool, HR admins always maintain visibility regarding the issues that may affect the payroll cycle.



If there are any issues, a notice box will appear in the Payroll dashboard to inform you. It's located below the header.

This callout displays all the issues that interfere in the process, irrespective of the policy.


How to check the issues:

  1. Click Fix issues in the message box
  2. A new tab will appear with all the issues:
    • Missing/wrong data
    • Employee information
    • Solutions for each issue
    • Links to the respective places where they can be resolved



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