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Gain a comprehensive understanding of authorization groups by delving into the concepts of members, access levels, and visibility.

Depending on the version of the permission system you've installed, refer to the articles for version 1 or 2.
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Where to find Permissions?

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. In General, select Permissions


What is an authorization group?

An authorization group is a set of employees with the same authority within the Factorial platform. In simpler terms, it's a designated group with identical access and permissions.

Factorial provides two authorization groups by default:

  • Super admin: individuals in this group have full power over the platform
  • Default employees

To meet all the needs a company may have, Factorial also offers the possibility to create custom authorization groups.

For example, you might need to create a dedicated authorization group for Managers, IT team, and Finance team.

Learn how to create custom authorization groups



Members, access levels, and visibility

Within an authorization group, you can define:

  • Members: these are the individuals belonging to the group. You can add or remove members from the permissions groups by clicking on the right arrow, either manually or through dynamic groups.
  • Access levels: enable default access levels or add custom levels to grant a specific set of access and permissions for this authorization group. 
    Learn how to manage access levels
  • Visibility: this represents an additional security setting that you can configure for your authorization group. Choose which employees and their information can be viewed by members of this authorization group. 
    Learn how to configure visibility


Did you know that in Factorial, you can delegate permissions to specific authorization groups? Learn how to delegate permissions



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