How to set up automatic rest days

Learn how to automatically set rest days within a week period

The Time Planning tool offers you the flexibility to choose the planning tool for each of your employees. By selecting Shift Management, you gain the ability to set the number of rest days from Monday to Sunday.

This functionality is ideal for you if:

  • You want the convenience of automatically setting a specific number of rest days per week without manually entering them into the shift schedule.
  • Your employees request time off for a future period where you haven't planned the shift calendar yet.

In both of these scenarios, the number of rest days specified in time planning will never be deducted from the employees' time off counters when the employee requests time off.

💡 If you have set 3 rest days per week and your employee decides to take a week off next August, from Monday to Sunday, only 4 days will be deducted from the time off allowance instead of 7, regardless of the amount of working days specified in the contract.


Where to find the Time Planning tool

  1. On your sidebar, head to Employees
  2. Click on the arrow icon to open an employee’s profile
  3. Go to Time planning


How to add automatic rest days

You will be able to add automatic rest days only if your time planning tool is Shift management.



  1. In Planning definition, click on the drop-down menu and select Shift management
  2. Click on Submit
  3. Choose between Change planning version and Create planning version
  4. Enable Automatic rest days
  5. Set the number of rest days per week
  6. Click on Submit


How do rest days impact time off counters?

Time off counters are used to track the number of days or hours an employee is entitled to take off.

Rest days are not counted when calculating the remaining balance of an employee's time off counter.

💡 If an employee has requested 5 days of vacation and there are 4 set rest days, only 3 days will be deducted from the time off counter.


❗ When using shift management for time planning, it's important to know that contract hours are not considered in the calculation of time off allowances.


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