How to Create and Assign Work Schedules?

Learn how to create, configure, and assign work schedules to your employees.

Where can I find Work Schedules?

 💡 It is in this page where you will see all the work schedules that have been created and archived.

  • Head to the Company Section 
  • Select the Work Schedule Tab 

⇒ Where can my employees see their work schedules? 

  • In their Clock-In Section 

How can I create a Work Schedule? 

  • Simply press in (+) or in +add new work schedule

  1. Write the name for the new work schedule
  2. Select type of schedule 
  • Flexible Schedule: You may define the total hours of work per day for your employees (e.g. 8 hours of work per day). 
  • Fixed Schedule: You may define the entry and exit times  for your employees (e.g. 09:00 - 13:00 and from 14:00 - 18:00).  

⚠️ Important : Once you selected and confirmed the type of schedule, you may not change  the work schedule when attributing hours. 

3.  Enter the hours per day that you want to assign in this new work schedule

Flexible Schedule

Fixed Schedule

4. Press Submit 

🔺 Once you have created a work schedule, Factorial creates a period by default that is set from the 1st of January until the 31st of December. In case you want to add a new period to a work schedule, you must define the start and end date of the new period you are adding to the current work schedule. This new period will then overlap with the previous one.

For Example :  You set your main period  Monday to Friday with 8 hours shifts per day from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

You know wish to add a new period  from Monday to Friday with 6 hours shifts per day from the 15th of July to the 15th of August.  Both of these schedules will overlap. 

  • From 1st of January until 14th of July from Monday to Friday 8h/day
  • From 15th of July until 15th of August from Monday to Friday 6h/day
  • From 16th of August until 31st of December from Monday to Friday 8h/day

⇒ How can I assign employees to this work schedule? 

💡 You also have at your disposal the time planning tool where you can assign your employees to work schedules or you can transfer them to another time planning tool. 

  • Head to the employees tab 
  • Select the employees
  • Press in add
  • Select an effective date: The date on which this new schedule takes effect.
    You can set effective dates in the past. But if you do this, you may cause changes in the employees time tracking count.

How can I define Periods in which the Work Schedule is different from the default?

Within the work schedule, you will find Periods
(You can go within the work schedule by pressing (...) & Edit).

💡A tag will be on your work schedule indicating either a flexible or fixed schedule.

Capture d’écran 2022-02-10 à 16.26.47

  Add as many periods as you need : same process as before, introduce the hours per day.
🔺 We can only select periods of the current year.

How can I delete Work Schedules or Period?

Work Schedules and Periods cannot be deleted once they have been assigned to employees. What we can do instead, is archive the work schedule or period, but first we must re-assign these employees to another work schedule and thus confirm an effective date. 

📍 To Delete Periods, simply press in and delete

Capture d’écran 2022-02-10 à 16.22.18

📍 To Archive Work Schedule, follow the steps shown in the gif

Work Schedules Notifications via Email 📩

  • When an employee has been assigned to a work schedule.
  • When an employee has had changes or edits made to his or her work schedule.
  • When a new period is about to start - 3 days before.
  • (Exclusively for admins) - When an Employee in your team starts a new period. 

Create a Report for a Work Schedule

  • Head to Reports
  • Click on a Dashboard 
  • Click on (...)
  • Select Use Report Builder 
  • Select Type of Report

  • You will have to select information for the Table Data

Work Schedule with a Flexible Schedule

  • Total Hours worked per day are defined (e.g. 8 Hours)
  • Bradley O'neil is assigned a Flexible work schedule

Work Schedule with a Fixed Schedule

  • Jaelyn Reese is assigned to a Fixed  work schedule
    • She had a shift from 9:00AM to 17:00PM (total of 8 worked hours)

💡You can change the type of work schedule directly through Company > Work Schedule.  For example, you might add two different working shifts in the same day for an employee.

☝🏽These changes will automatically be reflected on the report.


° What happens if in the contract I have established that the employee works x hours per week but in the work schedule there are less or more hours inputted?
Once the work schedule has been assigned to the employee, contract hours will not be taken into account for the balance displayed on the clock-in section; time-tracking exports; etc.

° For periods different than the default, in the event that a period n+1 overlaps with a period n, period n+1 will replace period n.
E.g.: Period 1 = Jun 1 - Jul 31 and Period 2 = Jul 1 - Aug 31.

° What happens when the employee requests an absence, are the hours deducted from her contract or work schedule? 

If the employee takes a day off, the hours will be subtracted based on their work schedule, not their contract. For example, if the employee has an 8 hour contract, but during the summer has a 5 hour schedule. During the summer, when the absence is approved, the 5 hours will be subtracted based on the work schedule.