About Shift Management views

Discover different ways to visualize shifts

Where to find shift views

  1. On your sidebar, go to Shifts
  2. You will find it at the top of the screen


Views by employee

  1. From the header of the shift table, select Employee


Daily view

The daily view provides a comprehensive overview of all the scheduled shifts throughout the day, making it easy for you to see and understand the employees' daily work schedule.


💡 In this view, you will be able to see a counter that shows the number of employees per hour, providing a better understanding of shift coverage.

  • If an employee works for a fraction of an hour, the counter will accurately display the corresponding fraction.
counter copy



Weekly view

With this view, you can easily access the complete weekly work schedule for each employee. It provides a detailed overview of their assigned shifts, allowing you to effectively manage and plan their work hours throughout the week.


4 weeks view and Monthly view

With these views, you will be able to see your shift planning for a longer time range, providing a better overview of the schedule. Details such as workplaces and work areas are not displayed in these views.

  • The 4 weeks view displays the four full weeks of the month
  • The monthly view shows the period from the first day to the last day of the month



View by work area

  1. From the header of the shift table, select Work area


Weekly view by work area

You will see your shifts grouped by work area and individually organized by employee and time ranges. Within each work area, shifts are sorted based on their start time.

How does work area assignment work?

If you have created shifts but have not assigned your employees to a specific work area, those shifts will be grouped under the default workplace of those employees and labeled as "No work area."

In situations like this, if you have the permissions, you will find the button Add work area that will redirect you to that corresponding interface within the Settings section.



💡 In all views, you can see employees' time off, including unapproved pending time off. These are displayed as striped leave boxes in the Shift Management table, labeled as Pending Time off or PTO depending on the view.

Pending time off doesn't create conflicts because they're not approved yet. A contextual plus button will appear if the user hovers over them, to allow for shift addition in the same cell.



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