How to import supplements v1

Add supplements to your employees with the importer

How to import supplements?

  1. Head to the Payroll section
  2. Go to the Supplements tab
  3. Click on the Import Supplements button, located on the right side
  4. Upload an Excel or.CVS file with the supplements
  5. Click on Upload File

In order to make a successful import, the file must contain the name, last name, and one data column. 

  1. Once you have uploaded the file you need to select the namelast name
  2. Click on the + Add data button located on the right
  3. Assign the title of the supplement that you are importing and choose between EUR or units
  4. Click on Continue

Once it's completed, all the employees will be assigned automatically.

  1. Select the employees with the supplements that you wish to import
  2. Click on Import (#) supplements, located on the right bottom - to import all the selected supplements to Factorial.
  3. and finally click Yes, import (#) supplements

👀 Keep in mind that imported supplements still need to be validated by users with the specific permissions


How to delete imported supplements?

  1. From the Supplements section, located on the Payroll Cycle page
  2. Click on the arrow next to Import Supplements
  3. Select Manage imported supplements
  4. A pop-up tab will appear with the information about your imported supplements
  5. Click on the 3 dots
  6. Delete imported supplements, and confirm your action by clicking Delete

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