How to record and edit your clock in/out manually

Record and edit your worked shifts manually

Clock in manually

  1. On your sidebar, head to Clock In
  2. Select the day on which you will be filling in your working hours
record time sheet

To edit and delete past working hours

To edit

  1. Simply go to the day on which you need to edit the incorrect working hours
  2. Make the changes
  3. Click on Submit
edit working hours


To delete

  1. Click on the trash icon to the right of the hours worked


You can also add observations and projects to registered shifts: 
1. Click on the three dots icon 
2. Select the option


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Shift edit restrictions

To manage and control any shift edit, you just need to enable the restriction option

  1. From Settings
  2. Go to Time Tracking
  3. Choose the Time Tracking policy
  4. Scroll down until Timesheet conditions
  5. Enable edit restriction

💡 When this is enabled, employees will be asked to send a request when adding, editing, or deleting a shift. The request must be approved or rejected by the approver specified in the approval groups section of the related policy.


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