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Integrating idealDisc Assessment with Factorial

In this article you will discover how to integrate idealDisc.

What's idealDisc Assessment?

The DISC test is based on the model developed by psychologist William Marston for behavioral assessment. It classifies candidates on how they express emotions into the four behavior types of DISC:

- Dominance (D)

- Influence (I)

- Steadiness (S)

- Conscientiousness (C) 

This will be helpful to understand the candidates’ personality and behavioral traits.

How to set up the integration? 

  1. Head to idealDisc account
  2. Create or log in to your idealDisc account
  3. Create an API Key by accessing your profile details and looking for the API Key Token section.
  4. Add a name, for example, ‘Factorial’ and create your API Key.
  5. After creating the API Key head to Marketplace
  6. Install the ‘idealDisc’ integration and paste the API Key you created in idealDisc

How to send a test to a candidate?

🚨Everytime you create a job opening, you will need to define a stage in the process for the DISC Assessment.

  1. Head to Recruitment 
  2. Select a job opening
  3. Head to Hiring process
  4. Create a new phase and select the type ‘Assessment
  5. If you have idealDisc installed, you will be able to select a Test "IdealDisc - DISC test"
  6. Now that a phase for DISC is created, you can move candidates to the phase and send them a DISC assessment test.
  7. The candidate will receive a link to complete the DISC test on idealDisc’s platform.
  8. Once the results are ready, you will be notified and will have access to it in order to download it.

💡 Thanks to the idealDisc + Factorial partnership, the first two DISC assessments sent to candidates will be for free.