About Questions in Surveys

Add and create questions in the Survey functionality in order to have a better view of the employee's engagement.


How to add questions?

  1. Head to your Questions section in your survey within the Surveys functionality
  2. Click on Add question
  3. Introduce your question
  4. Select the field type
  5. Press on Add question

How to add sections?

  1. Head to your Questions section in your survey within the Surveys functionality
  2. Click on Add section
  3. Introduce the section title
  4. Press on Add section

💡You can rename or remove the section by pressing the  (...) of the section.

💡You can add a question in a section by pressing the (+) button.


Apply actions to questions

  1. Head to your Questions section in the Surveys functionality
  2. Choose the question you want to apply actions to

You’ll be able to:

  • Edit question:
  1. Press the (…) button
  2. Press Edit question
  3. Apply your modifications
  4. Press Update question
  • Duplicate question:
  1. Press the (…) button
  2. Press Duplicate question
  3. Apply the modifications if desired
  4. Press Add question
  • Archive question:
  1. Press the (…) button
  2. Archive questions

Archived questions will not be shown in the survey. They cannot be deleted because the data of the answers are saved.

  • Remove question:
  1. Press the (…) button
  2. Click on Remove question
  3. A new modale will open
  4. Press Remove question

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