About the candidate's database

Simplify Recruitment with organized candidate data

Once you publish a job offer, you will start receiving candidates and their information in the Candidates section. Additionally, upon accessing the offer after publishing it, you will be automatically redirected to the “Candidates” section.

In the candidate's section, you can find the following information about the candidate:

  • Personal info: this section contains basic information about the candidate.
  • Applications: here, you can view the job applications that candidates have submitted and track the different phases of each application they applied for.
  • Notes: in this section, you can submit comments and/or scores about the candidate. You can also check all feedback left by other hiring managers.
  • Files: this section contains the different documentation of your candidate.


Where to find the candidate's database?

  1. On your sidebar, go to Recruitment
  2. Click on Candidates


How to use the candidate's database?

  • By clicking the (...) button you will be able to add an internal candidate to a new job opening or add a candidate to the talent pool.
  • By clicking on the arrow, you will be introduced to Personal info, Applications, Notes, and Files.
  • Columns can be customized by clicking the (...) icon and selecting Edit columns to visualize and display only the information that is relevant to you.


💡 You can filter candidates to view only the ones that interest you. You can filter by:



How to add candidates to job offers?

To add candidates manually

  1. On your sidebar, click on Recruitment
  2. Click on the Jobs section
  3. Open a job offer
  4. Click on +Add Candidate
  5. Fill in all the necessary information about the candidate
  6. Click on Add


To add an internal employee as a candidate to a job offer

  1. Head to the Jobs section
  2. Open the job offer you want to add your internal employee to
  3. Click on (...) and choose Add an internal candidate
  4. Choose the hiring phase and the candidate
  5. Click on Add employee

💡 You can follow the same steps to add internal candidates to the talent pool.



To add a candidate to another job offer or to the talent pool

  1. Go to the Candidates section
  2. Click on (...) and choose Add to another job opening or Add to talent pool

A candidate can choose whether or not to be added to the talent pool by accepting or declining the terms of General Data Protection Regulations, which is sent after submitting a job application. Before proceeding with adding a candidate to the talent pool, make sure you are following your country's regulations regarding data protection.


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