How to set up Blocked periods for Time Off

Learn how to define time periods in which employees are blocked from requesting absences.

What are the blocked periods and why are they useful for your company?

Blocked periods are a range of dates defined by the company in which employees can not be able to submit time off requests.

👫Receive absence requests that: 

  • Allow you to better plan your team work throughout the year
  • Are tailored to your company's needs.

How to Configure them in Factorial

  • Head to the Company Section
  • Go to the Time Off Tab
  • Once in there, scroll down until you find the Blocked Periods option
  • Define a name for the Blocked Period


  • How to set up the Blocked Period:
    1. Select the different types of absences you want to block for the requests

    👀 Take into consideration that all the absence types that you don't select are going to be enabled for the employees to request them.

    2.  Now it's time to select the employees not able to request time off. You will have three options: The whole Company, Dynamic Group or Manual Selection.

      3.   Define the Time Periods, it means the time in which employees can not request any time off.

  • Press the Button Add Time Period
  • Choose the option you want to use for defining the time range. The two options you have are the following:
    • Time Range- a specific timeframe you choose
    • From the contract start date- Based on the employee's contract start date. You will have to indicate a specific period of time (days or months).
  • Press Create


  • Clic on the Save Changes button- 📍Located in the upper right corner

How to edit or delete Blocked Periods

In this case, you need to go to the Blocked Period you want to edit or erase and press the (...) button, then only select one of the two options.

What happens when an employee requests an absence in that period?

When an employee requests time off on a date included in the Blocked period, a message from the system pops up and warns the employee the date requested can not be submitted.


As an admin, you can use the Omnibutton to override the blocked period and force the system to successfully submit an absence request. This will be useful if you need to make any exceptions for specific employees at any given time.  Learn how to do it