How to set up blocked periods for time off

Learn how to define time periods during which employees are blocked from requesting absences

Blocked periods are a range of dates defined by the company during which employees cannot submit time off requests. This functionality allows you to:

  • Better plan your team's work throughout the year
  • Ensure that time off requests are in line with the company's needs


Configure blocked periods

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. In Time section, click on Time off
  3. Once in there, scroll down until you find Blocked Periods
Configure blocked periods-1-EN

4. Click on Add new blocked period

5. Define a Name for the Blocked Period

6. Complete the fields:

  • Select the Absence types that will be blocked during the defined period. Any absence types not selected will be available
  • Define a Time period:
    • Click on Add time period
    • Add a Name
    • Choose a type of time period:
      • Time range: a time frame between two dates
      • From contract start date: based on employee's contract start date
    • Fill in the fields
    • Click on Create
  • Select employees to be included:
    • The whole company
    • Dynamic group
    • Manual selection

7. Once you completed all the settings, click on Save changes - Located in the upper right corner



Edit or delete blocked periods

  1. Go to the blocked period section
  2. Choose a blocked period
  3. Click on the three dots icon
  4. Choose the option
edit or delete

🗓️ Factorial's calendar will display blocked periods, indicating when the company does not allow time off requests. This will ensure everyone is aware of these periods. 
Learn more about the calendar


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