About Datev Lohn und Gehalt integration

Create and manage supplements and employees in Factorial, and synchronize them with Datev Lohn und Gehalt.

What is Datev Lohn und Gehalt?

Datev Lohn und Gehalt is an integration that offers your HR Admins the possibility to create and directly synchronize supplements and employee data from Factorial to Datev, thus avoiding communication by email or other methods to the bookkeeper.

✔️ The Datev Lohn und Gehalt integration is only available in Germany.



3 reasons to use Datev Lohn und Gehalt:

  1. Create employees and generate absences in Datev directly from Factorial.
  2. Synchronize supplements from Factorial to Datev in one click.
  3. No need to export files.

How to integrate:

To get started, follow this step-by-step:

  1. Go to Marketplace → Integrations
  2. From Payroll, select Payroll connector DATEV Lohn und Gehalt
  3. Click on Install
  4. Enter Consultant and Client number
  5. Login with Datev and grant the permissions
  6. Enter Wage type (Lohnart) number
  7. It’s done!

More information

Learn more about Datev Lohn und Gehalt.

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