Contracts in Factorial

Fill in all the necessary information to keep your employees' contracts up to date.

1. Basic Information 📝

  • Start date: The date on which the employee starts working for the company 
  • Contract type: The type of contract, you will only be able to select the options shown. For example: Indefinite. 
  • Schedule Type: Full time or part time? 
  • Duration of the trial period: Enter the probationary period that the employee has agreed with the company. 
  • Job Title: The name of the employee's job. e.g. Instructional Designer. 
  • Contract code: Select one of the options shown.

2. Work schedule 🗓️

In the work schedule, you must specify the number of days and hours this employee works. 

  • Hours: Number of hours according to the unit. 
  • Unit: To calculate the hours worked, Day/Week.
  • Days a week: From Monday to Sunday, you can mark the days the employee is working.

3. Gross salary 💸

In this section, you can introduce the employee's base salary, according to the type of compensation you would like. 

  • Type: You can specify the type of compensation you want, depending on how it is handled in your company. Annual, weekly, monthly, hourly.
  • Amount: You can introduce the salary amount in a text-box.

👩‍🏫 Adding the Salary will be necessary if you use Factorial's Payroll Tool

4. Variable compensation 💰

In here you will have the option to add variable compensation to your employees. 

  • Recurrence: Every few months the variable compensation will be made to the employee. 
  • Amount: The amount to be paid by the company to the employee. 
  • Description: You will be able to put a brief description of the variable compensation in a text-box. (20)

5. Contract additional clauses 📑

In here, you can add or modify the additional contract clauses of the employee. (21)

6. Documents 📁

Through this section you can upload the Employee Contract in PDF format. Once you upload it, you can find it in your Contract Folder.


7. Create the Contract 

  • Simply press in Submit info and create the contract

💡 The Administrator will receive a notice 16 days in advance and 1 day early informing that the contract of the employee is about to expire.  

By default, the notification will be sent to Pending Tasks>Dashboard. And if the Administrator have the settings enabled, it will be sent to her/his email as well.