How to manage Contracts

See the status of your employees’ contract conditions, create new contract conditions or edit the ongoing ones.

đź’ˇThis article explains the newly updated version of Factorial's Agreements. If you're still using the old version, check out the article How to manage Agreements v1


If you are using Factorial in US English, note that the term Agreements is used in place of Agreements. The functionality remains the same.



Different flows for agreement conditions

There are two ways to create new agreement conditions:

  • Update conditions: use this flow to create new conditions besides the role and salary.
  • Promote: use this flow to update the role and/or salary of an employee.


Update conditions

  1. From the Agreement tab of your employee
  2. Click on (+) New conditions
  3. A pop-up tab will appear with two options:
    • Promote: update role and salary
    • Update conditions: create new conditions besides role and salary
  4. Select Update conditions and click on Next
  5. Add the Effective date (the date from which the conditions apply) and choose if Add this date as a new agreement start date
  6. Click on Next
  7. Review the Role, level, and salary. You can also add additional compensation
  8. Click on next
  9. Review the working hours and days
  10. Click on next
  11. Only if required, review the legal agreement information
  12. Click on Update conditions



  1. From the Agreements tab of your employee
  2. Click on (+) New conditions
  3. A pop-up tab will appear with two options:
    • Promote: update role and salary
    • Update conditions
  4. Select Promote
  5. Click on Next
  6. Add effective on date
  7. Click on Next
  8. Define the new Role, level, and salary
  9. If needed, add an Additional compensation
  10. Click on Promote


Fixing new conditions on an ongoing Agreement

❗Please keep in mind that this is only to fix wrong information. You will lose the current information. You will not have traceability over the changes and they can be side effects.

  1. Go to Employees, located on the sidebar menu
  2. Select the employee you want to manage
  3. Click on Agreements


To fix the ongoing conditions:

  1. Click on the three dots (…)
  2. Select Fix conditions
  3. A window will appear with the conditions for you to update them
    1. Effective date
    2. Role, level, and salary
    3. Working hours
    4. Legal and extras


How does the Timeline work?

The Timeline allows you to see the history of your employees’ Agreements since the day they joined the company. You and your employees will be able to keep track of who made the changes/updates on the Agreements.

To see the timeline:

  1. From the Agreements page, click on History

By clicking on each tab you will be able to see the changes or updates made, as also the creation date, and status of each Agreement. Also from the timeline, you will be able to see who made the changes.

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