Integrating ZKTeco with Factorial

Control the access & attendance of your employee with biometric security, provided by ZKTeco devices

đź’ˇ Thanks to our integration, you will be no need for computers, phones, or tablets when clocking in or out of work.



What is ZKTeco?

A multinational enterprise specializing in the manufacture and development of biometric and RFID technology solutions for the security industry.

Their main focus is on Biometrics such as face recognition, palm-vein recognition, fingerprint, and iris recognition, applied to Time Attendance, Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance, and many more areas.

What can I do with ZKTeco?

By integrating, you can obtain presence control and access control via ZKTeco devices. Offering multiple authentication methods like face recognition, palm-vein recognition, fingerprint or iris recognition, you ensure clock-in /clock-out information goes from the device to Factorial without any friction.

👉 What's the benefit of it?

  • Ensuring clock-in and clock-out actions can always be performed at the time needed, without even having to open the Factorial app.
  • Makes the unequivocal identification of the employee possible.
  • Auto clock-in and clock-out for the employees using ZKTeco devices.


User synchronization with ZKTeco

Each day, at a defined hour by the user, the ZKTeco integration will sync all users using biometric devices to Factorial. It will add the new ones and delete the terminated ones.

This synchronization can be triggered manually by the user in ZKBiosecurity.

What data will be synchronized?

  • Time tracking data: clock-in and clock-out times
  • Employee or user list information

How to set up the integration?

If you want to set up the integration, please write an email to

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