About anonymous surveys

Ensure the anonymity with anonymous surveys.


What is an anonymous survey?

Surveys are a suitable tool to gather information about different topics. For certain topics though, it might be inappropriate or simply difficult to ask questions or get an honest answer. An example here is a climate survey of a company. 

Therefore, anonymous surveys are extremely important to receive honest replies when dealing with delicate topics. 

How does Factorial ensure anonymity?

Factorial implemented an industry standard. With less than 3 responses, it's hard for a survey to be genuinely anonymous, as it's easy to identify the respondent by writing styles, etc. We made surveys anonymous by setting a minimum of 3 participants.

How to create anonymous surveys?

  1. Open your survey 
  2. Head to the tab Configurations
  3. Scroll to the Privacy settings.
  4. Activate Anonymous answers. (Your survey needs to be in draft state. After publishing the survey can not be made anonymous.)

What does it mean if a survey is anonymous?

⛔ A minimum of 3 participants with their responses is required to see the results.


More in detail: You need a minimum of 3 replies ...

  • ... to show information inside Score and RAW results.
  • ... to a specific question to reveal the answers and graphs in RAW and score results.
  • ... of individual employees inside any group to see the results.

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