How to autofill the timesheet

Allow employees to automatically fill in the timesheet for all previous blank shifts based on the planned shifts and breaks.

Only employees with a Fixed Work Schedule or Shift Management as their planning tool can autofill the timesheet.



To enable the autofill option

There are two settings to enable this feature:

Permission setting:

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. In General, open Permissions
  3. Choose the permission group for which you want to enable the feature
  4. Go to Attendance section
  5. Enable Autofill timesheet


Time tracking policy setting:

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Time
  3. Click on Time tracking
  4. Open the Time tracking policy
  5. Scroll down to Timesheet conditions and Enable autofill timesheet

Only employees can autofill their timesheets. Managers can’t autofill employees’ timesheets on their behalf.



How to use the autofill option

The employee will have a button Autofill timesheet on the timesheet page. This action will fill in the timesheet for all the blank shifts until today.

If there’s an approved absence, autofill won’t generate shifts and breaks for those days.


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