Suprema Integration

Discover and learn how to use Suprema with Factorial.

What is Suprema?

Suprema is a provider of technology and artificial intelligence devices. From access control, to attendance, it offers different solutions for different industries such as: finetech and forensic science.

  • Working time management
  • Biometric attendance management

Why does Factorial HR need Suprema?

It mainly serves the need of our clients on how to control the access inside the workplaces and for attendance monitoring.

🔬Example : you want to stamp with your fingerprint or use your access card. One of these two options allows you to open doors. Therefore, once you open that door, a log will mark the entry and exit of employees.

How does Suprema integrate with Factorial?

As far as access control and time tracking devices are concerned, these aspects will be completely managed by our partner Xiptic, who sells Suprema products together with their partner: Biostar. On the other hand, they will be responsible for integration via the API of the customer's device with their Factorial HR corporate account.

How can Suprema be used?

💡From robust outdoor biometric readers to scalable smart controllers, these products can meet the diverse needs of the industry.

➡️What are customers asking for from Suprema?

These 3 examples I share in the image below were requested by Factorial's clients. Keeping in mind that we run small to medium sized companies, these are a great solution and are cost effective. The most requested is the: BioEntryW2.

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