How to create and assign time off policies

Discover how to create and configure time off policies for your company

To effectively manage time off in your company, the first step is to create time off policies and assign them to your employees.


Where to find the time off policies

  1. On your sidebar, head to Settings
  2. Go to Time 
  3. Click on Time off

In there, you will find the default time off policy already created by Factorial. All the employees in your company are assigned to this time off policy by default. You can directly edit this time off policy by clicking on See policy, or following this article to discover how to create a new one.

Remember that:

  • You cannot delete the default time off policy 
  • Once you have more than one time off policy created, you can define which policy will be the default one by pressing the gear icon  



To create a time off policy

1. From the Time off page, press the button Add Time off - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

2. Choose the Policy name

3. Click on Add time off policy

how to add time off policy

4. From the Basic information tab, you can edit/add:

  • The Policy basic info (name and description)
  • The Time off allowances

Learn more about time off allowances

basic info-1


To add employees

  1. Head to the Employee Section inside the Time Off Policy
  2. Click on the (+) 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  3. Select the employees
  4. Click Add employees
add employees

An employee can only be assigned to one time off policy, but you can change the assignment if you need.




⚙️ To complete the time off policy configuration, the next step is to configure time off allowances.

Learn more about time off allowances


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