How to create and assign shifts

Streamline your shift management process with efficient shift creation and assignment

Ways to create and assign shifts

Factorial provides a range of efficient methods to create new shifts, which can help streamline your shift management process.

Let's explore these methods in more detail.


Saved shifts

With this option you can save frequently used shifts with designated time slots, eliminating the need to manually enter shift hours each time.

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Rotating shifts

This method is ideal for managing traditional shifts that follow specific patterns, which can be weekly or bi-weekly, and once the entire pattern is covered, it repeats in a continuous loop. This type of shift management is particularly helpful for planning and scheduling purposes.

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Custom shifts

This solution provides flexibility for creating shifts, making it particularly useful for shifts that don't have the same pattern each time, as well as for managing overtime.


How to assign a custom shift

  1. On your sidebar, go to Shifts
  2. Click on +
  3. Choose Add shifts
  4. Select the employees
  5. Define the period
  6. Click on New shift from scratch
  7. Define:
    • Start and end time
    • Workplace and work area
    • If needed, add comments
  8. Click on Add


Copy previous week

This functionality allows you to copy all the published shifts from the previous week saving a lot of time.

  1. From the main Shift page, click on Copy previous week
  2. Click on Confirm


How to add more shifts on a day

  1. Place the mouse on the shift of the day you want to add a new shift
  2. A ‘+’ icon will appear, click on it
  3. Select the shift you want to add ore create a new shift from scratch
  4. Click on Assign


How to publish shifts

Before publishing the shift schedule, any conflicts must be resolved. Identifying conflicts in Factorial is easy, as they are highlighted in red.

💡 To find conflicts more easily, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the filter
  2. Set the condition: where shift status is equal shift conflicts


  1. Check the conflicts
  2. Solve them by deleting the wrong shifts
  3. Click on Publish schedule - in the upper right corner

Once the shifts are published:

  • You can communicate the shifts to the employees with an email/push notification
  • When the employee logs into Factorial, they will see those shifts
  • If Time tracking is installed, these shifts will be considered as the estimated hours that will be compared with the worked hours.



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