Anonymous Surveys

This article is about how Factorial ensures anonymity in anonymous surveys.

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The Necessity of anonymous surveys 

Surveys are a suitable tool to gather information about different topics. For certain topics though, it might be inappropriate or simply difficult to ask questions or get an honest answer. An example here is a climate survey of a company. Think about it: Who would give honest and possibly negative feedback if their managers or even CEO can trace the answer back to you?

Therefore, anonymous surveys are extremely important to receive honest replies when dealing with delicate topics. In the surveys in Factorial, we developed some settings to ensure anonymous surveys.

How does Factorial ensure anonymity?

We implemented an industry standard. With <3 responses, realistically it's very hard for a survey  to be genuinely anonymous, as it's easy to identify the respondent by writing styles etc. We made surveys anonymous by setting a minimum of 3 participants.

How do I make a survey anonymous?

  • Open your survey 
  • Head to the tab Configurations
  • Scroll to the Privacy settings.
  • Activate Anonymous answers. (Your survey needs to be in draft state. After publishing the survey can not be made anonymous.)


What does it mean if a survey is anonymous?

A minimum of 3 participants with their responses is required to see the results.

More in detail: You need a minimum of 3 replies ...

  • ... to show information inside Score and RAW results.
  • ... to a specific question to reveal the answers and graphs in RAW and score results.
  • ... of individual employees inside any group to see the results.

Who has access to the results of a survey?

👩🏾‍💼 The admin has access to the results and statistics of any survey.

But: If the survey is anonymous, at least 3 participants with their responses are required to see them.

Give access to managers

  • Managers can see the responses and analytics of the employees they manage if you activate it in the configurations of your survey.

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Use Case

What if I make the answers available for managers and the survey is anonymous?

🤓 If a survey is anonymous and you make its answers available for the managers then at least 3 subordinates need to respond to an anonymous survey in order for the manager to be able to access the results.

  • This is, how an admin will see the results of an anonymous survey after more than 3 employees participated. 👇🏾 

  • This is, how a manager with access to the same survey will see the results
    Remember: They will only see the answers of their subordinates and only if 3 or more of them answered. 👇🏾

  • This is, what admins and managers will see if less than 3 employees answered. 👇🏾

Our analytics at the end of a survey have a lot to offer:

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