Time Planning Tools

Find and edit your employees' information in relation to the time planning tools they are using.

What are the Time Planning tools that Factorial offers?

  1. Shift Management 
  2. Work Schedules 
  3. Contract Hours

Where Can I Find the Time Planning Feature? 

  • Head to the Employee Section 
  • Press the in one of your employees 
  • Head to the Time Planning Tab

💁 It is also possible for each employee to see their Time Planning versions from the "Me" section.

ezgif.com-gif-maker - 2022-07-21T110107.822

How can I Use the Time Planning Feature? 

💡 Through this simple tool you will be able to visualize the different time planning tools that your employees have been assigned over time. You can also indicate effective dates, make edits and add new assignments. 

🗓 By default every user will have a time planning set up based on the Contract Hours. 

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  1. How to Create New Planning Versions?

    1. Press in the + Symbol 
    2. Select the planning tool 
    3. Choose the Effective Date from when this time planning tool will start to apply (it can be in the past or future)

      Time planning gif
    👀 As shown in the gif, When you create a new time planning based on Shift Management and enter the effective date in the future, you will see that in the Shift Management section this new employee will appear but his view will be blocked until the beginning of the effective date were his new time planning based on shift management will start to apply. 
  2. How to Edit a Time Planning Version?

    1. Press in the version were you will like to apply the changes
    2. Make the corresponding changes

      Edits in Time Planning
  3. How to change the Version Date or Delete the Planning Version?

    1. Simply press in the (...)

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