ATS Message Board

This message board will allow recruiters and hiring managers to send messages directly to their candidates creating a two way communication process.

Where can I find the Message Board?

💡You must download the Recruitment application in order to access the Message Board feature.

  1. Head to Recruitment 
  2. Remain in the Job section 
  3. Choose the job opening of your concern by pressing on (→)
  4. Click on a Candidate
  5. Find Messages on the far right

💡Once you have sent a message, you will have a pop up that will double check your certainty on sending this message. You may tick the box to stop the pop up from appearing again.

👉🏽The candidate will receive the message through its email. When the candidate replies to the message, the reply will automatically be sent to the message board in Factorial.


⚠️You might need to refresh your page at times to obtain the reply of the message.


  • When the hiring manager writes in the message board, the candidate will receive an email.
  • When the candidate replies the email sent by the hiring manager, the hiring manager will get a message in the message board. 

How to Setup Notifications

🍄Recruiters and hiring managers can send and receive messages directly to/from their candidates creating a two way communication process inside Factorial.

  • Head to Notifications
  • Scroll until Application Tracking System 

What can I do with the Message Board?

  • Recruiters can send a message to the candidate
  • Recruiters can format the text to better communicate their message
  • You can identify the date and time when the message was received or sent in the timeline
  • Users can scroll up the content to review the activity of the board

📧Emails communicating messages from the message board can be replied directly from the candidates email account.