Set Up the Recruitment Functionality

Find everything that the Recruitment functionality encompasses. Learn how to use it and get the most out of it.

How to Install the Recruitment App? 

  • Head to Apps 
  • Select Recruitment 
  • Press in Install App

How can I use the Jobs Section? 

Jobs Dashboard

💡Here you will find an overview of all the job offers you ever created. To review job offers you already created, click on the job offer of your interest.

    What can I see on the Dashboard?

    • Number of new candidates, candidates in process, and hired candidates
    • Workplace type (onsite, remote, hybrid) 
    • Mark job postings as favorite to see them on the top of the dashboard. There you will also see the hiring managers for each position. (39)-Aug-29-2022-12-58-17-40-PM

    Four Steps to publish a new Job Offer

    1. Creating a New Job Offer

    • Press on +New Job Opening - 📍Located in the upper right corner 
    • Start by adding basic information to create your job offer

    Jun-29-2022 14-35-41


    • Add Basic Information 
    • Specify the Location 
    • Add Details 
    • Complete the job details with a Description 
    Jun-29-2022 14-12-25

    2. Adapting the Application Form 

    • Decide which Personal information is mandatory, optional, or not relevant for you. 

    Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.15.50 PM

    🖇️ The Personal URL could be a link to a professional online profile, like LinkedIn, and it will be reflected in the profile of your applicant.

    • Create Custom application questions

    3. Individualizing the Hiring Process 

    • Add as many Hiring Process Phases you need

    • Select your Hiring Managers
    • To remove a Phase or Manager simply click on the (...)

    4. Publishing the Job Offer 

    • Simply press in the Publish Job Opening button - 📍 Located in the upper right corner 
      Captura de pantalla 2022-05-31 a las 10.53.37

    How Can I Archive a Published Job Offer? 

    🔺 If you archive the job offer, you won't see it on your company's career page or receive new candidates.

    1. Select the Published Job 
    2. In Job Details, press the button Archive Job Offer - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

    How Can I Use the Candidates Section? 

    💡 You will be able to visualize all the phases and states in which your candidates are. 

    • By pressing the (...) you will be able to add a candidate to a new job opening or to add a candidate to the talent pool.
    • By clicking on the arrow, you will be introduced to :
      • Personal information about the candidate
      • Applications of the candidate

    💡Through the applications section, you will be able to track the different phases of the different job applications the candidate applied for. 

    Jun-29-2022 14-42-58


    Adding Candidates to Job Offers

    How can I add candidates manually?

    • Head to the Jobs section
    • Open a job offer
    • Press on +Add Candidate - 📍Located in the upper right corner

    How can I import Candidates in Bulk?

    • Go to the Candidates section
    • Click on the (...) option - 📍 located in the top right corner
    • Press on Import Candidates


    • Download the Excel template and fill it out with your candidate's data according to the instructions
    • Once you have finished adding your candidates, upload the file back to Factorial with the same format (.XLSX).

    • Press in Import Candidates - 2022-07-01T145024.128


    How can I add an internal employee as a candidate to a Job Offer? 

    • Head to the Jobs section
    • Open the job offer you want to add your internal employee to
    • Click on (...) > Add an internal employee
    • Choose the hiring phase and the employee
    • Click on Add employee (46)-Jul-13-2022-12-31-46-98-PM

    How can I add candidates to another Job Offer?

    • Go to the candidates section
    • Click on (...) > Add to another job opening

    image (2)-Jun-29-2022-12-19-02-70-PM

    Manage Candidates

    Where do I find my candidate's information?

    💡You will notice that once you have published the offer, you will start receiving your candidates and their corresponding information within the candidates section. You will also notice that by default, once the offer is published, whenever you access it, you will be redirected by default to the candidates section. 

    There are two ways to access your candidates' information in the hiring process:

    • Open the Jobs section > choose a job > choose a hiring phase and a candidate OR
    • Open the Candidates section > choose a candidate > open the tab Applications > choose a job offer >choose a hiring phase and a candidate 

    Captura de pantalla 2022-05-31 a las 11.35.48

    Which information can I find about the candidate?
    • Overview: Here you will find the basic information and documentation of your candidates. 
    • Feedback: Here you will be able to Submit a comment and/or a score about the candidate. You can also check all feedback left by other hiring managers. 🔺The candidate won't visualize this feedback. 
    • Messages: Learn more about this tool with the ATS Message Board Article

    Perform other actions with your candidates 

    image (1)-Jun-29-2022-12-17-56-10-PM

    Talent Pool 

    💡 Save interesting candidates for the future.

    How can I Add a Candidate to the Talent Pool? 

    • Head to the Candidates section
    • You may select the Candidate in question OR you may Group your candidates for more specific results
    • Click on the (...) > Add to talent pool

    To remove the Candidate from the Talent Pool, follow the same steps mentioned previously ☝

    How can I add an internal employee to the talent pool?

    • Head to the Candidates section
    • Click on (...) > Add an internal candidate (47)-4

    🖋Note : A privacy policy is set up for your sake after sending a job application. Furthermore, you will be added to the talent pool and agree to be contacted for future employment opportunities are available.