About the Recruitment functionality

Gain a better understanding of the Recruitment functionality settings by discovering its most relevant concepts

How to Install the Recruitment App?

  1. On your sidebar, head to Marketplace → Apps
  2. Select Recruitment
  3. Press in Install App

How to manage the Recruitment settings?

Main steps for configuring Recruitment in Factorial

Let's explore the process of setting up recruitment functionality for your company. This includes key steps and important considerations to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

1- Internal Job openings page and referrals: enable this feature to add the open positions page with a referral feature. Employees can see job openings and refer candidates. A new page and widget will be added to the Recruitment menu.

2- Talent pool: enable this feature if you want candidates who accept to be added to the Talent Pool to be saved by default.

3- Data retention: use this feature to comply with laws like GDPR. Set limits for the retention of job application data and talent pool.

4- Data erasure: enable the feature to automatically erase expired candidates. Set a duration for keeping candidate data after expiration before erasing it.

5- Tag manager: tags help you easily filter and search for specific qualifications and experiences in the Talent Pool.

6- Message templates: manage your message templates to make communication with your candidates easier.

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