Factorial's Payroll Tool

Employees' payroll information in one view so that you can review, import and export the data needed.

Where can I find Payroll Variations? 

  • Head to Payroll 
  • Find Payroll Variations in the main page

 Add the Payment Frequency & Start Date Period

First steps on PM

 Add Payroll Supplements

  • Click on (+) - 📍 Located in the right corner 
  • Introduce: Quantity: € or units and select the type of supplement 
  • Press enter

Add Payroll Supplements

  Delete Payroll Supplements

  • Place the mouse on the supplement that you recently added 
  • A trash symbol will appear, click on it 

Salary and Contract 

◻ View the following information related to the employee's salary and contract:

  • Gross Salary 
  • Job Tittle
  • Start & End Date 
  • Working Hours 
  • Working Days 

New Hires 

◻  The employees you have hired during this period, along with their salary and contract information. 

New hires


◻  The employees you have terminated during this period. 


Sick Leaves 

◻ The employees who have requested a Sick Leave during this period. 

Sick leaves


◻ Add comments related to the supplements or payroll of the period. 


Export Payroll Variations 

  • Click on the Download symbol - 📍 Located in the upper right corner 

Export Payroll Inc

Kindly Reminder 

💡 You can also add Variable Compensations  from the Employee´s Profile>Contract Section 

Variable compensations