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a3NOM Integration

Discover a3NOM integration and learn how to configure it with Factorial.

What can I do with a3ASESOR?

  • Export your payroll supplements into A3Nom
    Manage your payroll supplements in Factorial and export a file specifically formatted for A3ASESOR | nom.
  • Stop retyping supplements
    The supplements file can automatically imported into your A3ASESOR | nom system in an easy way, avoiding hours and hours of retyping supplements. Learn how to import it into A3ASESOR | nom.
  • Easy to configure
    You just need to configure the A3 codes for employees and additional compensations. Once your integration is configured, you just need to select A3ASESOR | nom format in your payroll exports. And that’s it.

How to set up the integration?

🚨You need to have installed Payroll Management app previously. 

  • Make sure your user has the manage payroll integration codes permission. You can configure that in Company PermissionsYour permission group Payroll
  1. Head to Applications
  2. Scroll down till you find a3Asesor | Nom
  3. Click on Install App
  4. Set Up Additional Compensations and Codes 

⚠️  It is very important to configure additional compensations if you wish to use a3Nom integration. If you do not configure additional compensations, you will not be able to proceed with the integration because the concepts will not be configured for a3Nom. 

    5.  Head to Settings ezgif.com-gif-maker-55-2

  • Assign the code you are using in a3Asesor | Nom for your company 
  • You should have previously defined different additional compensations concepts, both in Factorial and a3Asesor | Nom. Here you need to configure the codes you are using for them in a3Asesor | Nom.


Configure Employee Codes

  1. Head to Employees
  2. Choose an employee
  3. Stay on Profile
  4. Scroll down until you find Payroll Information
  5. Enter the code you are using for this employee in a3Asesor | Nom
    1. ➡️ Repeat for each employee.


Another Solution to Assign Codes?

💡There is another time efficient solution that can be applied when assigning codes to employees. Often, this solution is beneficial for big companies that have a big amount of employees. 

  • Head to Employees
  • Press on the top right icon (...)
  • Select Import Employees
  • Click on Download Employees Template


  • Open template in Excel
  • Scroll until the end of the document to viewA3NOM integration
  • Assign codes in the table for the rest of the employees 


➡️If you slide until the end of the excel file you will see the codes. 

  • Drag and drop the excel file with filled columns for A3nom
  • Click on Import File 
  • Press on Import Selected Employee


Once you have imported the selected employees from the Excel document, you can head back to various employee profiles. 

Payroll View 

  1. Head to Payroll 
  2. Configure all the supplements you want to inform for the different employees.
  3. Click on Download Payroll Data
  4. Change the Payroll export format to “a3Nom - Supplements
  5. Click on Download
  6. Head to a3Asesor | nom and use a3 respond to load the Factorial supplements 

Mar-08-2022 14-10-49

☝🏽This will download a file to your computer in a3Asesor | nom ASCII format.

⚠️After the initial installation, you just need to download payroll data every month in the a3Asesor | nom ASCII format.