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Time Tracking Guide

A complete guide on the time tracking feature for Administrators.

Install and Set it Up 

How to Install the Time Tracking?

Configure your Time Tracking Policies

How to Add New Time Tracking Policies 

Choose the Clock In System

Clock In Options 

Gelocation in Time Tracking

How to use the QR code to Clock In/Out?

Record and Edit your Clock In Manually

What you need to know about Face Recognition

Manage your employees Time Tracking 

Reviewing and Approving Time Sheets

Download the Time Tracking Report

Exclude your Employee's from the Time Tracking

Check Past Employees' Data

How can I Create and Track my Workers' Projects?

Manage Reports 

Create Reports: Total Number of Hours Worked Per Employee

Create a Report based on Monthly Project's Total Hours

Work Schedules 

How to Create and Assign Work Schedules?