Zapier integration with Factorial

Learn in 4 easy steps how to integrate Zapier into your Factorial account

Factorial is in Zapier! With Factorial's Zapier integration, you can now do many things like:

  • Importing Factorial holidays to your Google calendar
  • Exporting a list of Factorial employees to an external spreadsheet
  • Notifying yourself of new leaves pending to be approved
  • Import new hires from your favorite ATS directly to Factorial
  • and much more!

Currently, we support the following functionalities:

  • Get notified of new employees
  • Get notified of new leaves
  • Create a new Employee
  • Create a new Leave

The list will grow with time, so make sure to check regularly the Factorial's Zapier page often!

Make a Zap with Factorial

You can create a Zap using Factorial either as a source or as a destination. As a source, you can use Factorial to notify other services of new events happening at Factorial, like new employees or leaves being created. As a destination, you can post new information to Factorial (for example, creating a new employee) in response to some event happening in another service integrated with Zapier.

For this example, we are gonna use Factorial as a source. You can learn more about creating zaps in this Zapier article.

Let's start.

Head over to your dashboard at Zapier and click Make a Zap. Once in there, select Factorial as the source and choose a trigger:

Zapier 1

In the next window you will either be asked to sign in Factorial or select one of the accounts you have linked:

Zapier 2

If you are installing Factorial for the first time, you will be requested to authorize Zapier access to your account. Go ahead and do that:

 Zapier 3

Test the integration and you should be fine to go to the next step: setting up the destination. In this case, we are gonna use Slack as the destination of our integration. Our goal will be to post a Slack message every time a new employee is added to our Factorial company.

Let's select Slack as the destination:

Zapier 4

Install or select your Slack account in the next step:

Zapier 5

Now let's create our Slack message. The good thing is that we can use information coming from Factorial to customize the message!

Zapier 6

Once this is done, we can hit Test & Continue and, if everything goes well, we should be able to activate the integration!

Zapier 7