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Learn how to manage people who do not have a contract with the company but have access to Factorial

Depending on the version of the permission system you've installed, refer to the articles for version 1 or 2.
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External users are collaborators who are not directly employed by the company. For example, bookkeepers can be considered external users. These external users will not incur any costs for the company, and they won't have the ability to clock in or request time off.

❗External users won't be registered as employees and they won't have an employee profile in Factorial.



How to add an external user?

  1. On your sidebar, go to Settings
  2. Under General, click on External users
  3. Click on + Create external user
  4. Fill in the Email, First and Last name
  5. Click on Save


How to add an external user to an authorization group?

❗We recommend creating a custom authorization group with specific visibility and access levels for your external employees, but this step is not mandatory!

How to create custom authorization groups


💡 Factorial provides you with a default access level that is completely dedicated to external users:

External users (Visitors/Guests) Make bookings for themselves and the people they manage or lead

Learn how to manage access levels

  1. On you sidebar, go to Settings
  2. Under General, click on Permissions
  3. Place on the access group where you want to add the external employee
  4. Click on the arrow next to Members
  5. Search and select the external user
  6. Click on Submit
  7. Save changes

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