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How to manage overnight shifts?

Now you can set how to log the hours of your overnight shifts.

👀 A lot of companies, consider that the night shift belongs to the day when the shift starts. You can now choose whether to consider the shift as belonging to the day it starts or to consider the shift as belonging to the calendar day it is worked.

Time to set how to log your overnight shifts

‼️ Make sure you have already installed the Time Tracking App. In case you don't, just follow this steps: 

  • Go to te app section
  • Search for the Time Tracking App
  • Install

 Once you have installed the App it's time to get to work

First Steps:

  • Get to the Time Tracking App on the left column.
  • A tab will appear with your employees' timesheets 
  • Go to the upper right corner and click on the 3 dots
  • 3 options appear
  • Select Time tracking settings 

ezgif.com-gif-maker (9)-Nov-09-2022-08-54-37-7206-AM

Time Tracking Settings:

A new section will appear in your settings: Night shifts 🌙

Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-09 a las 9.58.20Time to choose how to log the hours of your overnight shifts

👀 Two options will appear:

  • Hours belong to the day the shift started:  all hours will be recorded on the same day.

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  • or To their calendar day: the hours will appear in the days to which they belong respectively. 

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Whichever option you select a little tab will appear after you click Apply.

  • You need to select the effective date in which it will take place

👀 Keep in mind that when you make an edit, it would affect ONLY future shifts. You cannot edit an effective date in the past.

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‼️ There are somethings you should keep in mind

  • If an employee clocks in a break after 12 o'clock it would be divided in two days.
  • If a shift lasts more than 24 hours after 12 o'clock, the shift will appear in two days.
  • The hours worked are not affected, no additional hours are added or subtracted, the hours are simply divided into two days. 

👀 This feature will affect the Time Tracking App and Shifts section