Subscription Payment & Pricing in Factorial

Discover our plans and boost your HR management. Find out also how the payment method works with Factorial.

👉 Pricing in Factorial

👉Payment Method

Forms of Payment?

  • Annual
  • Monthly

Cost & Down Payment

The costs may vary according to the plan, we recommend reviewing them through our public page.

 💳 Essential Plan

  • 3€ / month per employee
  • Up to 20 employees included
  • Designed for small companies
  • 3 Admins
  • Digital signature not included

💳 Business Plan 

  • 4€ / month per employee
  • Unlimited number of employees included 
  • 10 Admins
  • Does not include workflows

💳 Enterprise Plan 

  • Custom price, REQUEST LIVE DEMO 
  • Unlimited number of employees included 
  • Unlimited number of Admins 
  • Includes all the features

What Happens when the Number of Employees Varies?

When you sign a contract with Factorial, the most likely thing is that when you use the platform, the number of registered employees will vary. It may happen that the number increases because you invite new members of the company, or decreases because you dismiss employees who were registered with Factorial.

You have nothing to worry about. At the end of each day, we automatically check the number of registered employees on your account and make the necessary adjustments to your invoice (if the number of employees has increased) or in the form of a credit (if there are fewer registered employees).

The amount payable or receivable (in the form of a credit) will depend on the date of the next payment. Let's look at an example to understand this better:

Let's imagine a case of annual subscription of HR Factorial that started on 01/05/2020 (effective, therefore, until 30/04/2021) with 24 employees registered, with an initial payment of 864 euros.

On July 15, 2020, two months after, the administrator invites two new employees. On the 1st of each following month, an invoice will be issued, charging the two new registered employees.

However, only the amount proportional to what is left of the subscription from 07/15/2020 to 04/30/2021 (i.e. 9 months) will be charged.

The amount to be paid would be 57.3 euros in this case. If, on the other hand, you resign and at some point one or more users who were registered will be added to your Factorial account; the calculation of the amount of credit to be received will be made using the same criteria we have just seen in the example.

How does my Factorial Subscription Credit Work?

As explained, you can accumulate credit on your HR Factorial subscription. This credit is managed automatically, so you don't have to worry. When you have to make a new payment (either by adjusting the number of employees registered or by paying a new monthly or annual billing cycle) the credit you have available will be deducted from this payment.

How does my Subscription Renewal Work?

Whether the subscription is annual or monthly, the renewal is done automatically when the billing cycle is complete.

In the case of an annual subscription, the billing cycle is one calendar year. If, for example, you start your contract on 05/12/2019, the renewal will automatically take place on 05/13/2020.

In the case of a monthly subscription, the renewal will take place every month, depending on the day the contract with Factorial was established. For example, if this occurred on 07/05/2019, then the automatic renewal will be on 08/05/2019, then on 09/05/2019, then on 10/05/2019 and so on.