Employees clock-in ⏱

Once the administrator of the company account has installed the Time and Attendance functionality, the employee can start registering his or her day through Factorial. 

In this short article, we explain to you how to clock in through Factorial's web app and what you should take into account with the clocking in. 

How do I access the clocking? 

You'll see it quickly. 

Once the Time Card system is installed in your company account, and the administrator has made all the movements and settings to have everything ready, you will see a clock icon in your features menu. 

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How do I start my clock-in? How do I clock-out? 

You can clock in by accessing the Clock in section in your features menu, or you can also do it from the Dashboard by clicking the blue "Clock in" button. Clicking on that button will start the minute/hour counter until you stop it again, and it will be the same time you'll find in the Clock in section. 


To stop the clocking, you must do the same action, clicking again on the "clock out" button, and you will see that the minute counter will stop. 

Once you perform the clock-in/clock-out action, the system will save a shift on the current day. 

What other clocking methods can I use?

Depending on the settings of the Time Tracking policy set by the administrator, you will have the following methods: 

Logging hours manually 

There is also the possibility of entering working hours manually. Simply select the day to which you want to add the hours and enter an entry and exit time.

You can add as many shifts as you need by clicking on the "+" button and repeating the process.


To avoid the registration of fake hours, the system will never allow the addition of hours that are future.

📍 Geolocation System

The Geolocation system for mobile app will allow you to record the hours and send the coordinates of your exact location to know where you are clocking in from. 

Simply, when you try to clock in by sliding the Clock-in button in the mobile app, it will ask you for permission to share your location, and then allow you to clock in. 

 📲  QR (Entrance App) Code System

With the QR code system, you can access your Smartphone, enter the Factorial App, and slide the clock-in button. Once you do this and have enabled the QR code signing mode in your Time Tracking policy, this view will appear on your Smartphone.

Simply scan your QR code with the device's one at the gate, and you're done! Your entry record will be reflected in Factorial. 

Once the check-out is done, you must follow the same procedure as for the clock-in, accessing the Factorial app, sliding the button, and registering the QR code with your office device.