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A Brief Guide About Time Off

How to manage and request the information corresponding to your absences.

Time Off Glossary 📅

Total Days  All the vacation days that correspond to you in the current year. Accumulated expired days are also shown here. 
Prorated Days Based on the contract start date, the portion of vacation days that corresponds. 
Accumulated/Carry Over Days  Days off that you did not use in previous years. You can enjoy these days, as long as the company Time-Off Policy allows you to accumulate. 
Allowance Adjustment Manual adjustments that your company makes to compensate for vacation days that you have not enjoyed because you have been working. Or too subtract extra days you have enjoyed.
Available Days  The vacation days you have available to enjoy in the year. 
Taken Days The vacation days you have requested and have been approved.


                                         Time Off Library 📚
  • Current Absences & Upcoming Time Off. : These absences have already been accepter or approved, and you will be able to be out of the office.
  • Past Time Off: This is your absences history. Past absences can’t be edited.
  • Rejected Absences: These absences have been rejected, therefore they cannot be enjoyed.  

Upcoming Time Off and Holidays 🤓

  • Head to the Dashboard 
  • Keep updated with the Upcoming Time Off  and Holidays