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Managers' Manual

Complete guide for Managers in Factorial. Find links to articles that will inform you about the use of the platform as a Manager.

👉Please note that the Administrators are the ones who grant the different permissions to the Manager; for this reason, it may happen that you may not find certain functionalities enabled in your account.

First Steps to Manage your Employees

How to Create an Employee?

Contracts in Factorial

Contract Versions

Calendar in Factorial 

What Information about my Employees Account is Visible to other Users?

Manage Time Tracking 

Approve your Employees Time Tracking

How to Modify the Time Tracking of Previous Months?

Manage Time Off

A Brief Guide About Time Off

Request and Assign Time Off ´s

Requests for Medical Leaves

Approve or Reject Absences Requested

Manage Feedback 

How Can I Create Surveys?

Manage Tasks 

Tasks Templates for Administrators

Manage Visibility 

Restricted Visibility

Your Employee has Problems?

I Forgot my Password 

Reasons why your Employees cannot Clock-In