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1. What does the status "declined" mean on a document I have sent for signature?

The status "declined" on a document you have sent for signature means that the person has refused to sign the document. When a person declines, they must provide a reason via a text message that is collected by the system. The administrator will receive an email notification including the reason, which will also appear in the document viewer.



2. How to send multiple documents to sign?

To send multiple documents for signing, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Documents on your sidebar
  2. Select Send in bulk 
  3. Upload a PDF document and select the Folder name 
  4. Choose the Upload type: 
    1. Split pages as new documents 
    2. Combine all documents into one 
    3. Keep documents with all their pages 
  5. Click on Upload document 
  6. Once the document is uploaded, apply filters if needed and select the employees 
  7. Activate the option to request an E-signature 
  8. Click on Send to X employees

The document will be uploaded to the recipient's "My Documents" section in the defined folder. An email will be sent to the employee whenever a new document is uploaded, and they will receive a notification via email and on their Pending Task.



4. How to sign a document?

To sign a document, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the received notification on your dashboard indicating a signature is required
  2. Read the instructions and click on Start
  3. Sign the document
  4. Accept the conditions
  5. Click on Send document

The document that you're signing should be in a PDF format and it should not be edited or encrypted. Make sure to place the signature inside the provided box.

After signing and sending the document, your Administrator will be notified of your signature and will also receive a confirmation via email.



5. Is it possible to sign multiple pages of a document?

With the advanced digital signature, it is not necessary to sign more than one page. With one, it is enough. The digital signature works like a stamp that encompasses all the pages of the document.

To understand this better, read the article by our partner Signaturit: Documents - Questions



Yes, the Factorial e-signature is legal. The electronic signature solution provided by Factorial is offered through Signaturit, which is a legaltech company accredited as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). This company provides solutions for electronic signatures, certified electronic delivery, and electronic identification. In the European Union, the eIDAS regulation establishes the minimum requirements to consider an electronic signature valid and its legal effects. However, the legal validity of electronic signatures can vary depending on the document and is subject to the legislation of each country. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with your legal advisor for specific use cases.



7. What’s the maximum size of a document sent to sign?

The maximum size of a document that can be sent for E-signature is 15MB. Any file larger than that will be correctly saved, but no E-signature will be requested.

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