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Using Geolocation in time and attendance feature📍

How do I know if my employees are clocking in/out once they have entered/left the office? Will they do it from their home couch? Can I be sure what they are doing when they start/end their working day? All these doubts are cleared up with the new Geolocation feature. 


Factorial has added the option to activate the Geolocation for the clocking of your employees. In case you have enabled the clocking system in your Factorial account, you can activate this new option. 

How can I activate it? 😮

Very simple! Simply go to the Apps > Time Tracking System > Settings section and select the Time Tracking policy where you want to add the Geolocation system and activate it. 

Remember that you cannot activate the Geolocation and QR code (Entrance app) at the same Time Tracking policy. 

Captura de pantalla 2020-05-18 a las 11.51.46

Once you activate it, when an employee clock in through the app, Factorial will save the coordinates from which the employee performed the action of sliding the button to clock in or out, so you as an administrator will have the option to consult them whenever you need to. 

Remember 💡: The employees must accept the Geolocation option the first time, so Factorial allows them to register the clock-in coordinates.




Therefore, in case you have any problems checking your employees, by enabling the Geolocation you will have a display of the place where your employees start and end their working day.

Attention! ⚠️: The moment you enable the geolocation, the clock-in button on the web will disappear, as the Geolocation system is not available for the web.