Manager role in Factorial

The manager is an employee to whom other employees report to. The #manager tag represents the hierarchy that exists within your company depending on the employees who have staff members in their charge. It is very important that you assign the role of manager to all the people of the company that perform this function in real life so that Factorial can work properly.

How do I assign a manager to an employee?

If you are an admin, enter to the employees' section, choose the employee whom you want to report to a superior, and enter this information into his profile. You will see in the employee Profile the "Report to" field. Choose the person you want this employee to report to and that's it.

Employees> Employee Profile> Report to> Employee Manager


 When assigning a manager to an employee, we will ask if you want the manager also to accept or deny requests for absences, holidays, and sick leaves. In this link, you can learn more about the Time off Manager


Factorial will create your organization chart based on what you fill out in the "Reports to" field. We will draw a line between the employee and his manager and as soon as you have indicated the manager of all the employees you will see an organization chart similar to this:

Employees > Organizational Chart


What does a manager see?

Managers will have access to the profile and to the time off a section of the employee or employees whom they manage. Managers will never be able to access personal data of other employees, nor consult the payroll or others.