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Short Guide to Permissions

The administrators are the ones who can establish the scope of visibility that our workers have within the platform. As simple as creating a group, adding certain users, and activating permissions.

Where Can I Find Permissions?

  •  Head to Company 
  • Select Permissions 


How Can I Create a Custom Group in Permissions?

  • Click on the (+) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner 
  • Fill in the group name
  • Submit 

What Permissions Can I Grant?

→ Within any employee´s  group, head to the permissions tab 

In here you will find all the permissions you can activate for your Employees, Managers, Team Leaders and Time Off Supervisors. 


How Can I Assign Employees to the Permission Group?
  • Within the group, Head to the Employees tab 
  • Click on the (+) 
  • Select Assign an employee 
  • Press in Save


Select the Groups or Employees which the External Employees should have Access to 

  • Head to the External Employee Permission Group 
  • Press in the configuration tool 
  • Opt for Edit Access Group


What Else Can I Learn About Permissions?

  1. You can restrict visibility to all your employees, contact Support.
  2.  Permissions 
  3. Types of Administrators
  4. Permissions groups samples that you can create