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What is a climate survey?

A climate survey is a comprehensive survey that assesses an organization's work environment and culture, covering topics like communication, leadership, teamwork, and job satisfaction. It is conducted annually to measure employee engagement and identify areas for improvement. These surveys give employees a voice and help make organizational transitions smoother. They also provide benchmarks for future surveys, enabling more detailed analysis over time.

How to create a climate survey?

There are two different methods to create a climate survey:

  • Through the Insight Dashboard:
  1. On your sidebar click on Engagement.
  2. You’ll be automatically redirected to Insights
  3. Depending on your specific case, you will see one of the following:
  • An empty page if you haven't launched any engagement surveys, neither eNPS nor Climate survey.
  • An eNPS widget along with an advertisement about the Climate survey.
  • A Climate survey widget along with an advertisement about the eNPS.

4. Click on the Check and Launch button

5. A new modal will open

6. Add the frequency of the survey

7. Adding a start date

8. Press on Launch

  • Through the engagement section:

To create a climate survey:

  1. Go to the Engagement section.
  2. Choose Surveys.
  3. Click on +Create Survey located in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose Use our pre-designed surveys.
  5. Press Continue
  6. Choose Climate survey
  7. Press Create survey 15-29-46-gif.gif

Questions in climate survey

The questions are designed to create a survey that is easy for employees to answer quickly, while providing valuable quantitative insights into employee engagement for the organization. Factorial focuses on the 12 engagement survey questions developed by Gallup to prioritize the dimensions and avoid overwhelming employees with a lengthy survey. The purpose of the Q12 engagement survey is to initiate conversations between managers and employees, allowing employees to express their needs. This helps managers understand which needs require more attention and effort.

Climate survey configuration

After creating your survey, the settings are set by default, but there is a possibility to modify them if desired. A new tab will open where you'll need to modify:

  • Basic Info
  1. Edit the Name of the survey.
  2. Add a Description
  • Date and frequency
  1. Select a start date
  2. Choose your start time
  • If you want to repeat this survey:
    1. Activate the option Repeat this survey
    2. Choose the frequency
    3. Repeat until: you can choose the option No due date or set a specific date
    4. Click Save

🗓️ The cycle respects the starting date for the next repetitions.

⏳ The user can specify a time to answer for each cycle.

To maintain a high participation rate and prevent survey fatigue, we recommend conducting surveys every 3 months. This interval allows for regular collection of employee feedback and gives the organization sufficient time to implement action plans to address concerns and enhance employee engagement. Consequently, this increases the likelihood of employees becoming promoters.


🚨 Keep in mind:

- Start date and time can be changed until the date arrives.

- Cycle settings can be changed after launching. Some changes will require closing current cycle and starting a new one.

  • Privacy Settings

Configure if the answers will be anonymous.

⛔ A minimum of 3 participants with their responses is required to see the results.

🤓 More information about anonymous surveys.


Answer availability

Managers and team leads can see the responses and analytics of the employees they manage as soon as they're submitted. availability.gif?width=613&height=98&name=Answer availability.gif


Different from managers, who will only be granted access to the results and statistics, editors can edit the questions and access the results. Admins will always have access.

💡 You may add as many editors as you wish and they can also be employees.

  1. Click on Add Editor editor.gif?width=550&height=413&name=Add editor.gif

How can I Remove an Editor?

  1. Click on (...) in the Editors section
  2. Select Remove from survey

Once all the information is added:

  1. Click on Start survey
  2. Press Continue


Automatic email notifications

  • Automatic email notifications are sent on two occasions:
    1. When the survey is published.
    2. Three days before the survey ends.

Share the survey link or send a reminder:

  • Copy the survey link and share it on any communication channel you prefer. You can find the link by clicking on "..." in the top right corner if the survey is active.
  • To send a reminder email, click on "..." and select "send email reminder".

How to answer a climate survey?

📨 If your Administrator, Manager, or Team Leader sends you a survey, you will receive a notification via Dashboard.

  1. Head to your Inbox section
  2. Click on the Survey notification
  3. Respond to the questions
  4. Click on Submit feedback

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