How to complete my personal employee profile using Factorial

Complete your profile by entering your personal data

đź’ˇYour information is safe!

Read Factorial’s terms of use to learn about security and how safely we treat your personal data.



How to add your personal data

  1. On your sidebar, head to Me
  2. Select Personal
  3. Fill in the fields:
    • General information
    • Identification number
    • Address
    • Fiscal residence
    • Emergency contact
    • Bank information
    • Payroll information
  4. Every time you fill a field, click on Submit

ID numbers just for Spain, Italy, France and Germany 

❗️Employees will have the capability to input the necessary ID information and will receive timely notifications regarding any validation issues stemming from an invalid format. This rigorous approach guarantees complete adherence to local regulations and data security protocols, concurrently enhancing the accuracy of data records.




How to upload your profile picture

  1. On your sidebar, head to Me
  2. Select Profile
  3. In Work information, click on the picture
  4. Click on Upload photo
  5. Choose the photo you want to upload
  6. Click on Submit
profile picture

⚠️ Limit your image size to a maximum of 1MB. Exceeding this capacity can cause problems during the login process.


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