About the dashboard

Leverage the full potential of the dashboard by accessing relevant content and performing actions efficiently

The dashboard allows you to easily access to important information, by providing a centralized space for key data and functionality. This facilitates better decision-making, progress tracking, and efficient task performance.


Dashboard widgets

Widgets are key components of the dashboard that display specific information or provide easy access to essential actions.

dashboard view



This widget provides a view of the employees' availability, showing the people who are on holiday today and for the next 7 days. Absences in the widget are shown for:

  • All employees in my team
  • All employees for whom I'm the manager
  • My time off supervisor

💡 Admins and managers (of the related employees) can quickly access the time off and the profile of each employee on the list.




Holidays and events

These widgets display upcoming holidays and events, allowing you to stay informed and plan accordingly. With just a glance, you can see holiday dates and company events in order to stay organized and engage more effectively.

Holidays and events-1


Inbox offers a simplified and clear interface that allows you to view pending tasks, requests and assignments. The Inbox widget enables you to stay on top of your pending responsibilities.



Teams and direct reports

  • Team widget: employees can easily access information about their team members and stay informed about their availability.
  • Direct reports widget: admins and managers can quickly access the profile of each team member and stay informed about their status with just a glance.
teams and direct reports-1


Admins and managers can share relevant links with their employees through the company links widget.




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