How to add rest days to shifts

Learn how to add rest days to shifts

To add rest days

  1. On you sidebar, go to Shifts
  2. Select the day or days you want to add a rest day
  3. Click on the (+) button located on the right corner
  4. Select Add rest days
  5. The rest day is added to the shift table
  6. Click on Publish schedule

💡 You can also include rest days in templates. Adding rest days in templates is a useful functionality that can save you time and effort.
Learn how to add rest days in templates


💡 Rest days are also available during the setup of the time planning tool in the employee profile. 
Learn how to add rest days from the employee profile




To delete rest days

  1. Select the rest days you want to delete
  2. Click on the trash can icon
  3.  Delete rest days

💡 If you want to delete a specific rest day from the shift schedule, simply hover over the day with your mouse and click on the trash icon.




Important considerations

  • Clicking on Copy week, it will copy also the rest days that were published.
  • Selecting multiple rest days and shifts and clicking on “Delete”, will also delete the rest days
  • Selecting multiple rest days and shifts and clicking on “Edit shifts”, will only edit the shifts


When the rest day is planned in shifts and some employee takes holidays and the policy is working days, the rest day is not discounted from the counter of holidays

Example: An employee who works in shifts is entitled to 2 days of weekly rest. The employee's time-off policy is based on working days. If this employee takes one week off, only 5 days will be deducted from their total time off.


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