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Learn how to streamline your documents management

The Document templates feature helps you streamline your document management work by allowing you to automate the creation and distribution of documents to employees on a massive scale and also to request their electronic signatures.

Document templates allow the use of variables and form fields and must be created with text editing tools such as Microsoft Word or fillable PDF creation tools such as Adobe Acrobat Pro.


Document templates with variables

A variable is a string of characters between double curly brackets that references a field of information in the employee's or legal entity's Factorial.

💡 Examples of variables and the information fields they reference would be:

{{name}}- the employee's name

  • {{id_number}} - {{id_number}} the ID number
  • {{contract_start}} - {{contract_start date}} the start date of the contract
  • {{salary_amount}} - the annual salary
  • {{bank_number}} - the bank account number 

When sending a template that uses variables, the employee will receive the document with their personal information instead of the variable.

This functionality speeds up the creation of documents since creating a document for each employee with their data is unnecessary. Factorial solves the task.

There are variables for more than 60 fields of employee and company information. In addition, the custom employee profile and contract fields you create will be automatically converted into variables for document templates.

❗Templates with variables have to be created in Microsoft Office .DOCX format. Sample document: Document template with variable




Document templates with fillable fields

Document templates with form fields are fillable PDF files.

A fillable PDF is a type of PDF document that includes text fields, check boxes or radio buttons that users can fill in or check. These fields can collect information from users just as a form does.

Examples of fillable PDFs are the Modelo 145 in Spain or Form W-4 in the U.S., government-provided documents companies must share with employees to collect personal information to meet tax obligations.

❗Templates with form fields must be fillable PDF documents created with a specific tool for that function, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, Sedja or Lumin.

Sample document: Document template with fillable fields




Document templates with variables and fillable fields (Coming soon)

These templates contain the ability to replace variables with employee information and also include fillable form fields.

❗This template type must be created with a fillable PDF creation tool and the variables must be within a text form field.

Sample document: Document template with fillable fields and variables


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