Share your Job Offers Created in Factorial on your LinkedIn Company Account

Find through this article how to set up LinkedIn with Factorial.

To get your jobs published to Linkedin you must have an active LinkedIn company account and at least one active job on your careers page.

📢 Every time you publish a new job posting from Factorial, it'll be automatically published to LinkedIn's job board and your LinkedIn company page.  Any update you make to the job details will also be updated on LinkedIn.
Where Can I Find the Linkedin Integration? 
  • Head to the section App 
  • Press on Linkedin 
  • Click on Set Up Integration 

Set up Integration

How to Set Up the Integration? 

  • Introduce a Linkedin Company ID

📢To find your Linkedin Company ID, follow these steps: 

By See All Jobs:

  • Log in to LinkedIn
  • Search for your company
  • On your LinkedIn company page, select Jobs
  • In the list of jobs, select the See All Jobs link and click on it 
  • In the view of all jobs, the company ID will be included in the URL as a number. The company ID is followed by the "_C=".  See below the attached screenshot of the example and a GIF with the steps to follow so you can get the ID. 

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By See All Employees:

  • Log in to LinkedIn
  • Search for your company
  • On your LinkedIn company page, select: See All Employees
  • The Company ID will be quoted in double inverted commas in the URL 👇

To Complete the Integration: 

  1. Copy the ‘Request description’ and save it for later. This is the message you'll need to send to LinkedIn so they can scrape your job postings.
  2. Send a ticket to LinkedIn employer support stating that you'd like your jobs to be shown on LinkedIn.
  3. Fill the 'Contact reason' field with the option 'General Question/Service Request'.
  4. Fill the 'Issue type' field with the option 'Jobs'
  5. Paste the 'Request description' in the 'Your question' text area on the form.
  6. Click on the 'Submit' button.

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🔺 The LinkedIn employer support team will reach out to you within 3 to 7 business days to confirm that the connection has been set up successfully.