E-Signature for Administrators

The E-Signature will allow you to sign documents electronically through Factorial.

Ask for E-Signatures through Files 

➡ For the Downloaded Documents

  • Head to Files 
  • Company Files 
  • Select the Document 
  • Click on the Arrow 

    Downloaded document signature
  • Request E-Signature 

    Request e signature
  • Select the employee´s  who must E-Sign the document
  • Request E-Signatures for # users 
    (All signers will receive an email notification)

Select e sign

➡ For the Documents You Will Download 

  • Head to Files 
  • Select Documents in Bulk 
  • Click on Request E-Signature  - (pointed with the red arrow) 
  • Select the person in question 
  • Click on Send Document

Documents in bulk - E-Signature

Ask for E-Signatures through My Documents 

  • Head to My Documents 
  • Access any Folder
  • Click on the Arrow 
Downloaded document signature
  • Press on Request E-Signature 

E-Signature Notifications 

The employee will receive a Notification via Email and on Pending Task>Dashboard 👇

Sign document - Email

E-Signature - Pending Tasks

Once the Document has been Signed, you will recieve a Notification Via Email  👇

    Email- Signed notification