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Power BI Integration

Discover how to integrate Power BI with Factorial.

💡 With Power BI you can get insights from your data. 

Connecting Power Bi with Factorial will allow for querying and analyzing your company information. This first release allows navigating all Employees and their basic info, such as: Employee Data and Attendance historical info.

How can we use Power BI with Factorial?

1. As an admin you need to create an APIKEY on the Factorial 

Apikey power bi

2. Then you head to Power BI, and under Data Source you select Web Source 
3. In here, you will need to complete the form where you will fill in your APIKEY and the url of the info you want to gather from Factorial.


🎉To save your time, you can copy directly from here:

    1. Place the URL: https://api.factorialhr.com/powerbi.xml

    2. Put this parameters:

      1. x-api-key > “your apikey”
      2. ApiKeyName = "ApiKey"
4. Press in Save and select this URL: https://api.factorialhr.com/powerbi.xml

Untitled (1)-Jan-17-2023-11-36-41-6195-AM

5. Once you completed the previous steps, you will be able to access the data:

foto del reporte poweer bi

💡At the moment you can obtain info based on Employee's and Attendance.
Access our Api.Doc to be up-to-date with new data we'll be adding.