WhatsApp click-to-chat feature

Use WhatsApp's click-to-chat feature to start a conversation from the ATS with candidates that have shared their phone number with you.


What's WhatsApp click-to-chat?

The feature allows you to start a chat with someone that has an active WhatsApp account as long as they have shared their phone number with you. By clicking the link, you can launch WhatsApp and start a conversation with any candidate from Factorial's ATS. The click-to-chat option works both from the WhatsApp app and from the internet browser.

👀 For companies located in Brazil and LATAM, the WhatsApp click-to-chat option is available automatically and doesn't require the mentioned set-up.



How to set it up?

  1. On your sidebar, head to Marketplace → Integrations
  2. Select the WhatsApp Click-to-chat app
  3. Click on Install App

‼️ This feature is available in all plans. 


How to use WhatsApp in the ATS?

  1. Enter a Job Opening.
  2. Navigate through the phases and pick your preferred candidate.
  3. Click on the Chat on WhatsApp option in the upper right corner.

‼️ If you want all your conversations to happen through WhatsApp, make sure to make phone number a mandatory field in the application form.


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